1. A great Care Manager has excellent communication skills that include speaking and listening. They are able to follow directions without problem and can easily communicate with patients and families to understand their needs and explain treatments.
  2. A great Care Manager is very stable emotionally. Health care can be a stressful career and professionals can encounter many traumatic situations, suffering, and death.
  3. A great health care worker is one who is able to work without allowing the stress to cause great personal harm.
  4. Great Care Managers have empathy for the pain and suffering of patients. They are able to feel compassion and provide comfort.
  5. A great Care Manager is flexible with regards to working hours due to member availability.
  6. A great Care Manager understands that every step in the medical field is one that can have far-reaching consequences. Therefore, they pay excellent attention to detail and are careful not to skip steps or make errors.
  7. A great Care Manager has excellent interpersonal skills and works well in a variety of situations with different people.
  8. A great Care Manager can think quickly and address problems as/or before they arise.
  9. A great Care Manager can respond quickly to emergencies and other situations that arise. Quite often, health care work is simply the response to sudden incidences, and professionals must always be prepared.
  10. Great Care Managers respect people and rules. They are mindful of confidentiality requirements and different cultures and traditions. They are also careful to respect the wishes of the member.



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As a Care Manager, you will be providing professional hands-off insight to clients in their homes. This involves coordinating client status through comprehensive care planning on a weekly basis. You will be ensuring that doctors’ orders are followed, supporting family decision-making, monitoring medications, surveying physical activity and safety in the home, along with psychological behavior. You will be submitting your findings and activities electronically after each visit.

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  • I enjoy being able to help our members and care managers and have a flexible schedule at the same time. I now have a career instead of a job!
    Renee Beckman, RN – TX Care Manager
  • It is very exciting to work for Sol Health. The company is personable, integris , and has entrepreneur growth outlook. The company allows me to work independently with all the support needed. This allows me to function with confidence in my role. The company values their employees and has compassion for all of its member's. I am thankful to be a part of such a growing company.
    Julia Duevel, LPN – MN Care Manager
  • Sol Health didn't give me a job to go to, but MY job to go do! I can work full time caring for my members, while never giving up my main career as a father and husband. I am off weekends and holidays, yet run my schedule like I'm the boss. Who has that kind of control as a full time employee? I do, and this now MY job I want to do!
    Raymond Lemay, LPN – KY Care Manager
  • I am a Care Manager that LOVES her job! I have worked as a home health nurse for 15+ years, but haven't enjoyed it as much as this job. My members are so sweet, and I know that I am making difference in the lives of others. Sometimes my members feel that there is nothing they need- but once we begin working together- they didn't know so much was available for them in the community. The computer charting also is a bonus, I don't have pages and pages of notes to write- I simply email my work. I know that my future is bright, thanks to Sol Health!
    Cheryl Davis, LPN, Health Education Specialist – LA Care Manager
  • My experience working as a Care Manager for Sol Health for the past year has allowed me to continue my desire to help people. I have been in health care for 25 years and fast pace jobs where I always wished I had more time to sit and get to know the people I came in contact with. Being a Care Manager is exactly that, sit down, visit, ask questions and find the needs and fulfill those needs to the best of my ability. Thank you Sol Health for this opportunity!
    Donna Mobbs, LPN – TN Care Manager
  • Sol Health is a great company to work for. Management is very supportive to field staff with great backup and training! But the most rewarding thing is the opportunity it gives us to enrich our clients lives. What we get most of all is the knowledge that we are making our world better one client at a time. My life has been enriched by my clients and our company.
    Patrick C. Labbe, RN, MSN, MDiv – SC Care Manager
  • I'm very pleased to be working for a great company like Sol Health. It is a good thing to be working for business minded CEO who's organizational, professionalism, and kindness, creates an office environment that is enjoyable to work in. Thanks for being so supportive to me and everyone else.
    Emma Browne - Executive Assistant
  • As a Care Manager, I have the privilege of helping my members on a weekly basis whether it's assisting with their over the counter products or helping with a prescription refill. I enjoy seeing the progress that they have made toward their healthcare goals. Making a difference in my member's lives means so much to me.
    Crystal Brown, RN AR - Care Manager